It’s right that you should find out as much as you can about the company who wants to sell your business. Feel free to contact any of the individuals on the numbers below who will be happy to tell you about their experience using Advent.


Here are just two examples of satisfied customers talking about the service they experienced with Advent.

Christine and Keith Gregory Media and Publishing

From instruction to completion in 97 days!

Christine and Keith freely admitted they didn't know much at all about selling a business when they decided to sell. A friend recommended the business transfer services of Advent, which ultimately led to a sale of business within 97 days of instruction!

Christine... “We didn't really know what to expect, but from the very first meeting the consultant put us at ease and explained everything clearly and simply. They treated us with respect and spent a lot of time looking at all aspects of the business in great detail, showing us things we hadn't thought of that could be included.”

Keith... “We were absolutely amazed at how quickly things took off and Advent were always available whenever we needed them. They even went the extra mile by helping the buyer arrange funding. The fact that they managed to sell our business for the asking price in just over three months means I have nothing but praise for them.”

John Grimley and Gordon Peters Motor Trade

The right price – right in the middle of a recession!

Deciding to sell in a dwindling economy made business partners John and Gregory look long and hard to find a good agent. A business associate suggested Advent and supplied references.

Gordon... “The Advent consultant who valued our business was very professional and his final valuation turned out to be extremely accurate when the sale completed. We were surprised at how high he priced it at first, especially in the middle of a recession but he gave us good reasons and explained in detail how he'd arrived at the recommended asking price.”

John... “The price we had in our minds turned out to be £100,000 too low, so we're more than happy we sold through Advent. The whole process was a lot quicker than we expected too. It was just over 10 months from going on the market to getting money in the bank and now I'm retired and Gordon's started a new business doing what he always wanted to – I'd have no problems recommending Advent to anyone.”

Advent has sold many businesses!

Freehold Newsagents

Name: John

Synopsis: Sold business within 1 year of meeting Advent. Seller had a private buyer offering considerably less; however Advent achieved 50% more than the private buyer's offer. A great success, considering the market conditions!

Disability Products Business

Name: Mick

Synopsis: After reviewing 4 business sales agents, the seller shortlisted Advent to sell his business. This was based on Advent’s proactive selling approach and their understanding of his niche business. The seller was delighted with the results and would recommend Advent.


Name: Malcolm

Synopsis: The seller was impressed by the regular updates and the quality of service provided by Advent from start to finish.

Health Sector

Name: Eric & Denise

Synopsis: Advent sold the business for much more than the sellers thought it was worth in the middle of a recession. They recommend the business transfer services of Advent to business sellers.

Multiple Site Retailer

Name: Mr Robinson

Synopsis: Advent was instructed by Mr Robinson who was impressed with our professional attitude, reasonable fees and the quick sale of business achieved through Advent.

Ex Inland Revenue Tax Inspector (25 years)

Name: Peter Claire

Synopsis: Ex Tax Inspector is delighted with Advent's business transfer services, as one particular client referred to Advent achieved an additional £100,000 more than expected.

Leisure Sector

Name: Michelle & Gary

Synopsis: Advent achieved a higher price than previous agent’s valuation and sold the business within a short time span. Customer was very happy with the service and valuation provided by Advent.

Finance Sector

Name: Dave Mackrill

Synopsis: Dave’s organization provides Corporate & Business Finance Services to Advent. They appreciate Advent’s professional outfit and say that we are easy to work with.

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