At Advent Business Sales we understand that deciding to sell a business can be a stressful experience for some business owners.

If you’re committed to selling your business then we’re committed to help you find the right buyer. We’ve helped many many business owners across the UK to achieve the price they were happy with.


Whatever the motive, nearly all business owners eventually decide to sell one of their most valuable assets: their business. When that happens, it's vital to obtain professional advice to achieve a swift, smooth, and hassle-free transaction without affecting the goodwill of the business. At the same time most business owners want to maximise the selling price.

Advent is here to help business owners overcome any hurdles on the journey to selling their business. We are a market leader providing a specialist service, which has enabled us to sell many businesses since 2006!

We have access to thousands of potential business purchasers and our knowledge and expertise has enabled us help hundreds of business owners. Moreover, with comprehensive regional, national and international marketing strategies we endeavor to reach as many potential business buyers to find the most suitable one for each business we market. Our professional and proactive approach to selling has primarily been responsible for our success in the business transfer market.

Our dedicated sales negotiators will keep you informed throughout the sale process, providing you with regular updates on the progress of your sale. Our sales negotiators take great pride in pursuing the sale of every business placed with us; and because they receive a commission upon each successful completion you can be sure they're motivated to work as hard as possible to achieve a completion.

Over the years we've forged valuable links with solicitors, accountants, banks, independent financial advisors and other essential service providers such as stock takers, in order to facilitate the smoothest possible sales process. Like all successful companies we listen to our clients' comments and continuously strive to improve our services and to sell ever more businesses in a discreet manner.

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The Selling Process 

Step 1: An appointment is made for one of our friendly experienced consultants to visit you at your business and provide a free - no obligation business appraisal and explain Advent's marketing strategies.

Step 2: Once you've decided to go ahead, our consultant will conduct a detailed report about your business, which will contain sufficient information for a buyer, without revealing your business name or location. Photographs will also be taken where relevant.

Step 3: Within two weeks you'll receive your Vendor Pack containing your proposed sales particulars, the advertising copy and details of the marketing. While you are on the market with us, we believe that you should know exactly how the sale is going. That's why you'll receive regular updates on the progress of your sale. When you meet one of our consultants you'll see in detail everything that we do to ensure that your business is sold discreetly.

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Our Services 

If you are paying for our services we think you should expect more than just a go-between for you and the buyer. You will find our consultants knowledgeable about the business transfer process, understanding of your ambitions and open-minded about the best way to achieve the right price.

Services we provide include:

  • Business Sales
  • Preparing a business for sale
  • Value enhancers
  • Sourcing Accountants
  • Sourcing Solicitors for buyers & sellers
  • Sourcing Finance Providers


Through our partners we provide a complete one-stop service that can save you money, time and hassle, whilst giving you peace of mind. More importantly, our partners are experienced in dealing with business sales.

Our clients can benefit from our partnerships by receiving cost effective services from leading financial, legal and marketing institutions. This can often streamline the selling process.

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How we market your business... 

  1. Access to Comprehensive Database of Buyers

    Through our advertising partners, we have access to over 200,000 registered buyers both nationally and internationally. Their details are carefully organised to help us find a possible match for your business as efficiently as possible.
  2. Creating Compelling Sales Particulars

    The sales particulars we create aim to be persuasive, informative and discreet. Our sales consultants work hard to highlight the key aspects and strengths of your business, whilst organizing information in a way that can make it easy for buyers to find what they are looking for.
  3. Using the Power of the Internet

    The internet is where most business buyers start looking for a suitable business. A business marketing website that we advertise on is visited by approximately 23,000 visitors a day - each one a potential buyer!
  4. High Impact Signage (For Sale Boards)

    Available for sellers who are less concerned about confidentiality and want to highlight a business opportunity to local buyers. We can also offer customized for sale boards. Please call us to find out more.
  5. Bespoke Packages

    Tailor-made marketing activities for niche businesses and sector-specific promotions. For example, an E-Shot campaign can be used to target suitable potential buyers on our database, whilst maintaining discretion.

Our services vary according to individual business circumstances, type of business and sector. We will adopt methodology, marketing tools and recommend the services, most appropriate to your business.

Here are just some of the websites on which we advertise businesses...

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Valuation Factors 

Our experienced consultants possess the required knowledge, skill and expertise to arrive at an asking price that balances your expectations with the market and puts you in a strong position to maximise the final sale price.

Some of the main factors that have to be accounted for during a business valuation:


  • Accounting and trading information
  • Sales and profits
  • Drawings or Directors renumerations
  • Loan and interest payments
  • Rates of Return on capital employed
  • Fixtures, fittings and capital expenditure
  • Lease terms and rates
  • Finance availability
  • Market expectations within the sector and in general
  • Valuation multiples within specific markets
  • Knowledge of niche markets
  • Rental incomes


  • Location and surrounding developments
  • Local, regional and national competition
  • Freehold commercial property values within the area
  • Applicable licenses, trading hours and planning permissions
  • Current activity within the industry and area

Property and Equipment

  • Freehold or leasehold, and condition of the premises
  • Equipment and state of repair
  • Goodwill, fixtures, fittings, property and stock
  • Scope, potential and improvements


  • Contracts with both suppliers and customers
  • Exclusivity agreements and patents
  • Debtors, creditors, factoring, invoice discounting charges
  • VAT or revenue investigations or staff disputes
  • Staff wages, lengths of service, loyalty and key staff
  • Loan serviceability

Other Factors

  • Demand for business type
  • How long established and customer loyalty
  • Handover periods – especially if the owner is the key man
  • Vendor exit routes
  • Buyer motives of purchasing
  • Special circumstances
  • Owner or management run

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Here are some of the likely fees involved in selling a buiness:

Legal/solicitor costs – these can vary tremendously. It's vital to work with commercial solicitors with the relevant experience as business transactions can be very intricate and detailed.

We work closely with several national solicitors who have the commercial expertise and experience to provide a professional service with reasonable charges.

Taxation liabilities – dependent on your personal circumstances. Your accountant is in the best position to advise you on this matter. Alternatively, we can put you in touch with professional accountancy practices that provide specialist taxation services.

Stock takers – the cost for stock taking is normally shared between the vendor and the purchaser. Costs tend to be a small proportion of the transaction value. We work closely with an approved national association whose fees are reasonable.

Landlord costs – these are normally paid by the ingoing tenant or purchaser in the case of leasehold businesses.

Agent’s commissions – our fees are dependent on how quickly we feel we can sell your business, and are mainly results oriented. Call us today to find out more.

Energy Performance Certificate – Most businesses will need an energy performance certificate which has to be made available to any potential purchasers. We can recommend a professional and national company from whom you can obtain an EPC quote.

The fees requested for our services vary and depend on the type of package selected. We're told our fees are neither the cheapest nor the dearest, but extremely competitive when you consider our marketing presence and the value of services provided.

Our politely aggressive approach to selling businesses, has enabled us to sell hundreds of businesses.

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